Classes - What to expect

Every class is one hour long and will start with a warm up and finish with a warm down.

You will learn step by step beautiful pole moves. Add this to your own creative expression and you will discover a woman and a whole world of dance you never new exsisted!

Once you have mastered the basics and developed your core, strength and flexibility you can then more onto the more advanced pole moves.

All this takes time. The bonus being that you will get incredibly fit, strong and flexible ad most of all have A LOT OF FUN!!!

All classes are delivered in a fun, safe supportive environment where laughter is encouraged!

BEGINNER: Start from the beginning, learn basic spins, floorwork and climbs.

INTERMEDIATE: GET HIGH! Begin to learn basic aerial moves and combos, learn how to flow them with floorwork and dance moves.

ADVANCED: Learn advanced aerial pole moves and combos, learn how to flow them with more intricate floorwork and dance moves.

All: This is an open class for all levels, warm up together, learn moves at your level.

POLE GROOVES: Learn to POLE DANCE in this highly aerobic fluid dance class.Combine dance, floor work and pole tricks, learn a new routine every few weeks.This class is suitable for all levels with beginner intermediate and advanced variations.Beginners should have a six week course under their belts to gain the basics before attempting this class. We love our pole grooves!

PDC: Stands for Pole Dance Choreography. Open to all levels, learn how to choreograph your own routine, Learn how to DANCE.

BELLY DANCING: Learn the basics of belly dancing in this high energy class, Learn shimmies, hip drops, veil work, Learn to SHAKE IT. Private Lessons available upon request.

YOGA STRETCH: Increase your flexibility with this amazing class. Lengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps. Go deeper into your backbends. Open your hips. Work on your splits. Open your sholders and chest. Breath.


No Contract - Casual $25
You can come and try a pole class to see if you like it. Then choose if you want to commit to the six week course, or membership options.

Membership - $160 for 4 weeks
This allows you to attend all the pole, yoga and practice you can possibly do!

Six week pole course is $120 ($20 per class)
We run six week blocks because after this you will have a basic knowledge and know if you want to peruse this beautiful art further. Each block course follows onto the next one from BEGINNER to ADVANCED.

Private lessons $90

Pole Parties, from $40 PP (Minimum of 10 people)
Includes: 1.5hrs - Learn a hot pole routine. Be transformed into a pole dancing queen. Stage props / party pack / show.

Yoga $10
All welcome, all levels



12-1PM: Practice

5:15PM: Beginners

6:15PM: Advanced

7:15PM: Intermediate


5:15pm: All

6:15PM: Yoga

7:15PM: Practice


6:15PM: Beginners PDC


12:00PM: All

5:15PM: Pole Grooves

6:15PM: Practice


12-1PM: Practice

*These times are all subject to change.

Please email to find out which class is suitable for you.